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Need a professional editor? SciFix will provide you with the utmost academic standards in proofreading your work. Our PhD holding and native English-speaking editors accept all types of academic submissions including manuscripts, proposals, reports, theses, dissertations, articles, essays, cover letters, and research papers in all academic fields (natural sciences, social sciences, etc.).

We pride ourselves on our fast, affordable and excellent services, while maintaining a confidential relationship with our clients.


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we serve you with:

  1. Fixing linguistic errors and maintaining the overall consistency of your work segments (i.e. improving readability).
  2. Communicating your arguments concisely.
  3. Giving you relevant comments and suggestions.
  4. Providing you with a direct contact with the editor.
  5. Keeping your work confidential.

we do not:

  1. Request to be acknowledged or receive a co-authorship.
  2. Guarantee that your work will be accepted for publication.
  3. Change the context of your work.
  4. Edit figures (see our graphic design service).

In the unlikely event that your work is rejected due to language issues, we will edit it again for free.

We design customized publication-quality scientific figures for you. Whether you need a table of content (TOC) figure for your manuscript, a cover artwork, or a scientific figure for your presentation, just communicate your idea with us and we will make it happen!

Please contact us with your detailed request. This service costs €35/hour. Undergraduate and graduate students have the chance to ask for a discount after submitting a proof of enrollment to

Some designs are presented here: