“Often, language was a problem when I reviewed papers or worked with colleagues who couldn’t express their scientific findings well. I decided to create Sci-Fix to enhance manuscripts and ease the life of reviewers. With proper language, you will maximize the impact of your work!”

W. W. Ayass

about us

Ms. Lana Yassine

Ms. Yassine is a graphic designer and a photographer. She graduated from the Lebanese American University (LAU) with a BA degree in Graphic Design. Her passion for capturing portraits of nature and people made her a freelance photographer at a very young age. As a full time designer, she has already more than 5 years of experience in the field. Lana has many of her projects, designs, and photographs published in several magazines, commercials, and books. She tackles a wide variety of design concepts, ranging from consumer goods to scientific applications. Her designs of scientific figures began through her collaboration with Dr. Ayass. Lana’s creativity can turn any conceptual design in mind into a reality, which is what is most captivating about her. She has a big interest in arts, psychology, and science. She is fluent in English, Arabic, and French.